Monday, October 17, 2011

Differences Ext3 and Ext 4


Since February, I really wanted to install Linux, back repentance. : D But it was only accomplished now. I do not have 4-year use Linux, so I'm very old school to say all this linux problem.

What's interesting about this new Linux was named the new Ext4 filesystem. What could it matter? Having said Mbah Wiki, finally caught, too different.

First, compared with ext3 or ext2 that use block mapping scheme to do the writing on the hard drive or other storage device, ext4 has been able to use the scheme extents. What's the difference scheme extents with block mapping scheme? Block mapping scheme, will lock a block of addresses on the file system to a file, regardless of the size of the file, either the file size is larger than the blocks provided or smaller. If smaller, then there are the rest of the unused space. If the file size larger than the size of the blocks are provided, then the file is stored in a fractional size blocks are available, which is also possible, and chances are, there is space remaining. The drawback? Many of the remaining disk space. Therefore, when we look at the size of hard drive space and total file size was different, as though there is still space, but we can not store data whose size is less than the remaining space. This weakness is covered by the scheme extents.

Second, the number of subdirectories. The number of subdirectory on ext4 subdirectory could reach 64,000, compared with ext3 which only reach 32,000 subdirectories.

Third, the time limits. Dating system ext3 only until the year 2038. Just like dating system programs created with Fortran used only until the year 2000 (Y2K Millennium Bug). For ext4 dating system, have until the year 2242.

That's three main differences that I encountered between ext3 and ext4. Anyone know more?

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Law of Motion Newton's About Students In Thesis


The following explanation of Newton's Three Laws of Motion Students About To Working Thesis:

Explanation of the First Law
A student who stops to work on thesis tends to remain stopped for thesis work, or if the thesis work will continue moving at the same time to work on thesis unless he got a boost from the faculty mentor.

Explanation of the Second Law
A student will speed up the thesis with acceleration comparable with the encouragement of the faculty mentor and inversely proportional to the mass (weight) are borne by the student (eg, motivation from yourself (the more motivated, the smaller the mental burden borne), employment, etc.)

Explanation of the Third Law
Any action imposed on the students will give a reaction from students. Example: Students will find an excuse to delay thesis was doing when the supervisor gives encouragement to the students who dibimbingnya.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

IPhone 4S Is Released


Apple look to be following a trend when releasing a new iPhone into the market, as with the previous release of the iPhone 4 when the company then released a new and cheaper 8GB version of their 3GS model they have now done exactly the same with the current iPhone 4.

Consumers can now buy a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 with a cut down 8GB of internal memory which is now being sold alongside the original 16GB and 32GB models as Apple release their new iPhone 4S smart phone to the world.

The new 8GB iPhone 4 looks exactly the same as the others in the range and also packs in the same great features, technology and operating system, the only difference is in the size of the memory and of course the price which will please many who could not afford one of the bigger models.

Surprisingly, the release of the new iPhone 4S has left many consumers with a real problem, as the new 4S also looks exactly the same as the previous model nobody will know from simply looking at the exterior of their phone which model they have invested in.

This actually plays right into the hands of the new iPhone 4 8GB as it is now officially the cheapest in the range and with budgets tight in these tough economic times is already seeing sales volumes soar.

Lined up together, the iPhone 4S and 4 8GB mirror each others exterior looks in both black and white colour schemes, it is not until the user swipes the screens of the phones and they reveal their technology that the differences become obvious.

The new 4S uses the new iOS 5 operating system which gives a completely different look and feel to the user interface whilst being powered by the same dual core A5 processor found in the iPad 2 which makes the 4S twice as fast as the iPhone 4.

Further differences are found in the camera area which has been upgraded from the 5.0 mega pixel sensor of the iPhone 4 to an 8.0 mega pixel lens on the new 4S, there have also been further improvements in the sensor itself which now lets in 70% more light for cleaner, sharper and higher quality imaging.

Other differences between these two models include the new 'Siri' voice software of the 4S model and access to iCloud which can store files and information away from the phone which frees up extra memory.

So, when it comes to choosing between the iPhone 4 8GB and new 4S models they may look the same but they are very different beasts on the inside although price could win the day.

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